What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

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My interest, even as a child, was to be a hairstylist and to own my own salon (I mean, you've seen my hair, right?). Because of 4 years of photography between high school and college, it was high on the list too. I was always creative, but when it came time to decide on a career, the opportunities were not what they are today. Exposure and success was hard to come by without years of investment with little to no pay and I needed to support myself. So, I started out as a dental hygienist (believe it or not!), but a love of health sciences never trumped my love of creating.

Your Number of Followers Does not Determine Your Success!

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Your number of followers does not determine your success! Sure, it’s amazing if we can have thousands of followers, and don’t get me wrong, larger numbers make a lot of things easier, but if that’s not you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful business! Here’s some perspective:


My FAVORITE Part of my Beetlejuice Inspired Piece!

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These clay roses are my FAVORITE part of this Beetlejuice inspired piece! It’s the bridal bouquet of Lydia Deetz and each rose was sculpted and painted by me. I love when I can add three dimensional elements from time to time. They really stand out against the color pencil and acrylic paint and are a great final embellishment to my layering technique! What do you think of 3D elements in art?


My Favorite Way to Connect With You!

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As an artist, I render creations that take you to another world, even if for a moment on a wall of your home, but as a business educator, I provide other artists with the skills to turn their passions into careers. What I offer are two things: joy and empowerment. Art provides joy and knowledge provides power and I love sharing it all with you! 

5 Tips to Sell Authentically in Social Media

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Many artists hate the idea of being too “salesy.” But, guess what? You’ve got to promote yourself to make an income and it doesn't have to feel icky. 

More Sneak Peaks!

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I finished up my little Halloween witch with her pug and Marie Antoinette is well on her way! I'm not kidding when I tell you that I painted the witch's dress FIVE times! I just couldn't make a decision on what shade of purple I liked best! I think the dark one I decided upon worked out well. What do you think?

Keep an eye out for when I release both of these for adpotion! For now, here's a couple of pictures...







Be Brave Enough to be Bad at Something New

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"Be brave enought to be bad at something new." - Jon Acuff


Someone recently said to me that they felt overwhelmed by the mere idea of all the strategy I put into my marketing and had no idea how they could ever do the same.

I'll admit. I DO have a ton of systems and strategies in place, but, here's the thing - I wasn't always this way and if someone had handed me the list of what I do today to the person I was 5 years ago, I would have quit.

It's All in the Details

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Yep! It takes as much time as it looks!

I made the sides of "No Place to Thrive but Here," using torn vintage book pages, collaged them one by one, the painted the checkerboard. I then used my special technique to make the sides look worn and old. I did the same technque on the front to creat the sideshow stage as well. I love it because it allows the book pages to peek through the paint!

The Magical World of MC Escher

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to see the MC Escher exhibit at The Museum of Art - Deland, here in Florida. This was my second chance at seeing the work of this master in perspective and geometrics and, as always, it did not disappoint. It’s amazing to know that this man struggled to financially support himself with his art. It is said that it took over 30 years before that was even possible!

If you ever have the opportunity to support an artist you love, please do so! And, if you ever have the opportunity to see the work of MC Escher, do what you can to see it!

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