Anniversaries and Portrait Surprises

He was a DJ and I loved to dance. Friendly acquaintances for years before dating, we now know we should have been together from the start We share obsessive cleaning skills, a love for music and laughter, and the pursuit of self-evolution. We have a love of helping others and, most definitely, the love for a plate of NACHOS. Most of all, we share a love for each other. Mr. B. is the biggest source of support I have ever known, and my life would never be what it is without him. He is what I cherish most.

5 Tips to Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

If you're anything like me, you're busy. Time is limited and precious. I need to be as efficient as possible with the time I spend marketing so I can get back to painting! The one thing that helps me keep everything flowing is creating a focused marketing plan. It keeps things consistent, creates less stress, and results in a targeted method sure to garner results. Here are 5 tips to help you create your own:





Creating Engagement Through Storytelling

Social media marketing can be quite challenging for creative entrepreneurs. It seems more difficult than ever to not only grow a following, but to grow an ENGAGED following. *Insert sound of crickets.




I believe that all artists are storytellers. And I tell mine through canvas. 

I created my first painting when I was 7-years-old. But for some reason, I didn't paint again for many years. And when I finally did again, I fell in love. My initial hope was that my work would be liked enough that I could have an art show that people would actually want to come to. And I did that within 6 months of my first sale. Then I had another 2 months later. Both solo shows. 


The Stories Within

Along the way, I have realized that all of my paintings tell a story. An unintentional, yet most definite, story. There is always a dreamy darkness, a bit of whimsy, and there is always, undoubtedly, a story. 

A Peak Into My Process

If you've never seen one of my pieces in person, it's really hard to understand the many layers that go into each creation. The details never quite translate fully through pictures and prints. When someone sees a work of mine for the first time, they start to realize there is more than meets the eye and always ask just how I came up with the final result.

My Harley

It has been an incredibly difficult year for many, including myself. Unfortunately, there were too many challenges for me to keep track of. I only mention this one, as many of you know I share this specific part of my life publicly. 

A Self-Esteem Boost

I had an inadvertent self-esteem boost today. 

I oftentimes get frustrated with my art. I have no formal training, and have not done many pieces mostly due to having a physically and emotionally demanding day job over the years that left me too exhausted to create regularly. 

Oftentimes, I can't get what's in my head onto canvas, and it's hard not to compare yourself to so many other artists that are thousands of times better than you.

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