How to Grow Your Email List During the Holidays (or any time!)


Don't Let Exhaustion be the New Normal


We all have busy lives and oftentimes, it feels like a juggling match. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in one day!

I am the abosolute worst at resting. I forget that even though I absolutely love what I do, it's still work and is taxing on my mind and body. And in today's society, we are oftentimes made to feel that if we aren't killing ourselves for our dreams, then we should feel guilty about it. 

Why the Follow/Unfollow Strategy Could be Harming Your Business


Following others to encourage them to follow you only to unfollow them later is a technique to gain more Instagram followers. The algorithms are making things tougher out there and this practice is becoming even more common. Instead of showering attention on those that already follow to increase engagement for organic growth, immediate focus is placed on gaining larger numbers. 

Growing your audience if necessary, but there is a lot more power in investing in your current audience than making your primary focus to gain larger numbers. Engagement is far more important!

What's a Practice Piece?


I have never created a "practice" piece. For those that have been following me a long time, you have seen my artistic journey start to finish. You saw my beginning attempts and the changes experience has brought me over time. You've seen a dramatic difference to my work from just a couple years ago to what it is today. And though I've never hidden anything from you, I am now building a portfolio that is replacing my older works to reflect my current capabilities and I am removing the old work from my website and from print. 

You Missed Your Calling!


Has anyone ever said to you, "You missed your calling?" If I told you the number of times that's been said to me in regard to my creative writing, eye for design, heart for teaching and helping others, dabbles in photography, and my knack for business skills - I'd lose count. As much as that may be someone's innocent way to acknowledge your talents, the words can feel like a knife in your side. It's as if someone is suggesting you aren't living out your potential; that your abilities and talents are being wasted. 

Anniversaries and Portrait Surprises

He was a DJ and I loved to dance. Friendly acquaintances for years before dating, we now know we should have been together from the start We share obsessive cleaning skills, a love for music and laughter, and the pursuit of self-evolution. We have a love of helping others and, most definitely, the love for a plate of NACHOS. Most of all, we share a love for each other. Mr. B. is the biggest source of support I have ever known, and my life would never be what it is without him. He is what I cherish most.

5 Tips to Create A Social Media Marketing Plan


If you're anything like me, you're busy. Time is limited and precious. I need to be as efficient as possible with the time I spend marketing so I can get back to painting! The one thing that helps me keep everything flowing is creating a focused marketing plan. It keeps things consistent, creates less stress, and results in a targeted method sure to garner results. Here are 5 tips to help you create your own:






Creating Engagement Through Storytelling


Social media marketing can be quite challenging for creative entrepreneurs. It seems more difficult than ever to not only grow a following, but to grow an ENGAGED following. *Insert sound of crickets.


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