Getting Going Again


As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with bilateral shoulder tendinitis since last September. Simple things like sitting comfortably on the couch or sleeping on my side have been extremely difficult at its worst. You can understand how that has affected my ability to create new art. I’m super excited to say that I seem to be finally moving over the hump and am going to be released from physical therapy to an at-home program in a couple of weeks!!!

5 Ways to Create Community Through Social Media

Let's talk about community - what it is, why you should most definitely build it, and how to do just that!

Community is a very important part of my brand. I want to be approachable to my followers and collectors and create an appealing environment that they want to be part of. I want them to feel as though we could be friends! 

Decorate Your Home With Fine Art Prints - A Buyer's Guide

Art Shows and Architecture

Two things that always make me want to run home and start painting are art shows and historic districts. I've never been one for cookie-cutter neighborhoods or anything typical. Things that stand out are what inspire me, both in art and in architecture.

Time Management


One thing I noticed a few weeks into the New Year were conversations of overwhelm. People saying they just didn't feel there were enough hours in the day and feeling lost as to what to do to stay balanced. Expressing the need and want to reach their personal goals and still be able to fit work, family, and other commitments in too. 

3 Reasons You Need an Email List

New Art!

New Art!

Some of you know that I’ve been struggling with tendinitis of both of my shoulders. What started as a minor incident in the left shoulder ended up in a major flare up after moving my home over a period of 2 months. On top of that, I then got tendinitis in my right shoulder from compensating for the left!

Our Wedding Story




Surprise! I got married!


Mr. B and I finally tied the knot, but our day sure came with some surprises!

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