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Social media marketing can be quite challenging for creative entrepreneurs. It seems more difficult than ever to not only grow a following, but to grow an ENGAGED following. *Insert sound of crickets.

Too many times, creative entrepreneurs utilize social media solely as a sales opportunity, when in fact, social media should be an invitation to your audience to get to know your you, your brand and business better. It takes more than one post for your audience to understand just what you're all about, what you have to offer, and why they need what you are offering in their lives. And yes, of course you should have sales posts featuring your products and services, but not in EVERY post! Serve first, sell second.

So, how do you invite your audience to learn more about you? How do you get them to engage? You do this through storytelling. Believe it or not, people really want to know the person behind the art, the book, or the product. They want to know about YOU! But, there are a lot of other posts and short attention spans to compete with. So, you must write engaging content compelling enough to cause one to stop scrolling and read beyond your first few lines. And know this - if you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are unique to NO ONE. The number one way to stand out amongst the rest is to BE YOURSELF!

Consider telling the story about how you became an artist. Maybe tell the story of how you came up with the idea for your latest book. Share something personal about you that relates to your brand. Tell the story of the couple in your last photo session. Dig a little deeper beyond just sharing a photo and using hashtags.


Ask a question! Prompt your audience to answer. Get to know them as they get to know you! Sharing the story of how your most loved pet came into your life? Ask your audience to tell you about their furry baby!


If you're like most creatives, sharing what may be considered personal can be quite difficult. But here's the thing - you don't need to share everything. You only need to share enough to create a connection. You don't need to tell specific personal details about your life. You don't have to share anything you don't feel comfortable about. Just share enough of your unique self that you feel comfortable with. And this tip is coming from and introvert herself!


I am outgoing, but very introverted. And, very private. That is something that is very surprising to most. It was hard for me to feel comfortable sharing anything beyond a photo of my work and a description that went beyond the materials I used to create it. But the second I got brave and dug a little deeper, my engagement more than doubled. It was as if my audience had been waiting for me to connect with them! And yours is too. Just be yourself, share the story of you, and you will find that you will create raving fans just by inviting them into your world.

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I struggle with this idea of being true to oneself in what my art is going to be. If I want to survive I paint flowers and landscapes. While they are satisfying as exercises and are "pretty" they don't satisfy my need to have deep messages. When I do that in my work my soul is content but my cupboards are fairly bare. So how do I get both in one package?

Hi, Jack! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post! Maybe you can tell me more about the art you are creating that you feel isn't quite paying the bills. The thing is, there is a target audience for everything and you may be selling in an environment where flowers and landscapes have an audience, but haven't quite discovered where you audience is for the art that feeds your soul.

One thing I would consider is the that if an artist is creating in multiple styles and sometimes media, but marketing it all to one audience, the marketing efforts can become ineffective. An artist can have more than one style to offer, but each style needs to have a relationship with one another. Each needs to be recognized, without a doubt, as yours. If it looks as if multiple artists are selling under one roof, it confuses your audience and you begin to hear crickets. They become confused and disinterested because they no longer know what to expect or look forward to. There isn't a common thread for them to connect to. It's disengaging.

Stay true to your heart and create a consistent body of work so that it makes sense to your audience. If you like to paint the flowers and landscapes on occasion, by all means do so. Just don't advertise it or share publicly in social media, your website, etc. alongside what you REALLY want people to fall in love with - the work from your heart. Focus on sharing what you want to really create. It will take some time to find a concentrated audience for that work because it sounds as though they have been seeing quite a mix. They just need some time to consistently be exposed to your true style, then they will know what to recognize and love as yours. Do what makes your heart sing, stick with that, and in time, you will find your audience.

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