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What's a Practice Piece?


I have never created a "practice" piece. For those that have been following me a long time, you have seen my artistic journey start to finish. You saw my beginning attempts and the changes experience has brought me over time. You've seen a dramatic difference to my work from just a couple years ago to what it is today. And though I've never hidden anything from you, I am now building a portfolio that is replacing my older works to reflect my current capabilities and I am removing the old work from my website and from print. 

The Stories Within

Along the way, I have realized that all of my paintings tell a story. An unintentional, yet most definite, story. There is always a dreamy darkness, a bit of whimsy, and there is always, undoubtedly, a story. 

A Peak Into My Process

If you've never seen one of my pieces in person, it's really hard to understand the many layers that go into each creation. The details never quite translate fully through pictures and prints. When someone sees a work of mine for the first time, they start to realize there is more than meets the eye and always ask just how I came up with the final result.


A Self-Esteem Boost

I had an inadvertent self-esteem boost today. 

I oftentimes get frustrated with my art. I have no formal training, and have not done many pieces mostly due to having a physically and emotionally demanding day job over the years that left me too exhausted to create regularly. 

Oftentimes, I can't get what's in my head onto canvas, and it's hard not to compare yourself to so many other artists that are thousands of times better than you.

Halloween is Here!

Oh, my gosh, it's Halloween weekend! Last year I dressed up as Miss Argentina fromt the movie Beetlejuice. You'll have to check back to see what I'm dressing up as this year!

I finished up my piece, "The Witching Hour," which is now on display at CityArts Factory in Orlando, Florida through November 11th. She was made with color pencil, acrylic, and clay. The sides are finsihed and the piece is wired to hang. You can also place this piece in a plate stand as it is a 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas and will fit right in on a shelf with your other decor!

My Story


Many people ask me how I got started in art. To be honest, it was totally by accident. I have no formal training. I never even so much as took an art class in high school or college. I didn't even know I could doodle until I was in college and even then, when I surprised myself at what came out of my hand onto paper, I didn't think to pursue it any further.

My parents spent time doing ceramics before I was born and when I was little. I remember painting pieces with them, specifically some jack-o-lanterns that I still have to this day.

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