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Your Number of Followers Does not Determine Your Success!

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Your number of followers does not determine your success! Sure, it’s amazing if we can have thousands of followers, and don’t get me wrong, larger numbers make a lot of things easier, but if that’s not you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful business! Here’s some perspective:


5 Tips to Sell Authentically in Social Media

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Many artists hate the idea of being too “salesy.” But, guess what? You’ve got to promote yourself to make an income and it doesn't have to feel icky. 

Be Brave Enough to be Bad at Something New

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"Be brave enought to be bad at something new." - Jon Acuff


Someone recently said to me that they felt overwhelmed by the mere idea of all the strategy I put into my marketing and had no idea how they could ever do the same.

I'll admit. I DO have a ton of systems and strategies in place, but, here's the thing - I wasn't always this way and if someone had handed me the list of what I do today to the person I was 5 years ago, I would have quit.

What are Your Brand Words?

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First things first. You MUST have a cohesive body of work that has a common thread. Your audience must be able to see just one piece of your art and know right away that it is yours. If you're work has not developed to this point, you are still discovering your style. And that's okay! But until that distinctive style is discovered and mastered, you do not have a brand. Once you have a clear understanding as to what it is you are offering the world, it will be much easier to understand just what your brand is, the words that describe it, and how to effectively market it.

How to Price Your Art

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One of the biggest struggles for artists is how to appropriately price their art. There is no hard and fast rule, so many have no idea if they are over or underpricing their work; however, having a pricing guideline for yourself ensures you receive an appropriate wage and creates consistency in your pricing. No matter what method you may use, there are two things every artist must understand:

How to Create an Art Commission Policy

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We’ve all been there. Someone wants to commission a piece from us. We’re really excited because we gave a price, they accepted, and then it happens. You purchased supplies and started, but they’ve yet to make a payment. The client all of a sudden hates the agreed upon theme and they want to make a million changes. What do you do? Could you have done something to have prevented all of this?

5 Ways to Create Community Through Social Media

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Let's talk about community - what it is, why you should most definitely build it, and how to do just that!

Community is a very important part of my brand. I want to be approachable to my followers and collectors and create an appealing environment that they want to be part of. I want them to feel as though we could be friends! 

Time Management

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One thing I noticed a few weeks into the New Year were conversations of overwhelm. People saying they just didn't feel there were enough hours in the day and feeling lost as to what to do to stay balanced. Expressing the need and want to reach their personal goals and still be able to fit work, family, and other commitments in too. 

3 Reasons You Need an Email List

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A Goal Planning Method that Actually Works!

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Happy New Year!



If you’re anything like me, you’ve got big plans for 2018 and you need a way to stay on track.

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