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You Missed Your Calling!


Has anyone ever said to you, "You missed your calling?" If I told you the number of times that's been said to me in regard to my creative writing, eye for design, heart for teaching and helping others, dabbles in photography, and my knack for business skills - I'd lose count. As much as that may be someone's innocent way to acknowledge your talents, the words can feel like a knife in your side. It's as if someone is suggesting you aren't living out your potential; that your abilities and talents are being wasted. 

Anniversaries and Portrait Surprises

He was a DJ and I loved to dance. Friendly acquaintances for years before dating, we now know we should have been together from the start We share obsessive cleaning skills, a love for music and laughter, and the pursuit of self-evolution. We have a love of helping others and, most definitely, the love for a plate of NACHOS. Most of all, we share a love for each other. Mr. B. is the biggest source of support I have ever known, and my life would never be what it is without him. He is what I cherish most.

My Harley

It has been an incredibly difficult year for many, including myself. Unfortunately, there were too many challenges for me to keep track of. I only mention this one, as many of you know I share this specific part of my life publicly. 

The Making of Ursula


This year's season was THE BEST! So many fantastic Halloween art shows, amazing costumes, and awesome decor!

Everyone knows I LOVE Halloween. Well, I love every holiday and any reason to have the opportunity to be festive. But, Halloween is the one time I get to dress up and I love it!

Where Have I Been?

I know. I haven't put out new work in quite a while. Well, a lot has been going on.

I had some pretty big life changes last year. One was that I decided to sell my home after 11 years (don't worry locals, I'm still in Orlando), and it took a lot of time to prepare it for sale and then to put it on the market. I'm finally all moved in to the new place and am just about finished unpacking! 

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