Rebecca Williams was born and raised in central Florida. She dabbled in acrylics as a child, and later re-discovered her love for art. In a journey without formal education, she began expressing the stories and ideas within her mind onto canvas. 


Through the encouragement of those closest to her, Rebecca began offering her artwork to the public. Within 6 months of her first sale, Rebecca's works were displayed in her first and solo show, "Memories, Dreams, and Fantasies," beginning the exhibition of her works in 2010.


Rebecca's body of work is strong in emotive concepts and color with a fusion of various influences such as fantasy, fairytales, dreams, and humor. These influences are present in her work as a whimsical relationship between light and dark, creating a world all her own.


Over time, Rebecca's work has extended beyond her studio to within the art community itself. She became passionate about helping others learn how to empower themselves to be successful independent artists and began hosting a local quarterly networking and educational social in 2014, called artLENS. This event was created by Rebecca to provide networking opportunities as well as creative business education to local artists to help them forward their own artistic careers. It continues to grow as does Rebecca's passion for people and for art.


Rebecca currently resides in central Florida with her pug, Zander, and her biggest love, Mr. B.





Artist's Statement:


The visual world I create typically evolves from my reaction to a color, mood or idea, and is influenced by surrealism and fantasy. It is a strange and curious world full of sweetness, oddities, laughter, and whimsy. I navigate towards a contradiction of themes; a play between light and dark, sadness and humor, hope and despair, and the sweet and unsettling. The themes in my work are a fantastical reflection of the world around us. It is my hope that others can also recognize the reflection of our world in these themes, and in turn, see a reflection of themselves.