I equip artists with the business skills to live their dreams.


I've always loved creating, but when I realized I wanted to make art my career, I knew I better learn some things about business. I was crushed to find that there was so little help for artists wanting to learn the business skills to make their dreams come true. I decided to change that. Now, I help artists learn what it takes to turn their passions into careers!




I'm an artist, educator, and blogger living in Orlando, FL. Equal parts Morticia Addams, Pee-wee Herman, and Betty Boop, you'll most likely find me obsessing over my extracted teeth collection while simultaneously eating a grilled cheese and thinking of drawing donuts with sprinkles. 

I'm a mixed media artist, creative business educator, and an art and business blogger. I create sweet and strange art for light and dark hearts and educate other creatives so that they can turn their passions into careers! I'm a lover of the strange and unusual and have a strong obsession for neatness, orchids, and Fancy Grilled Cheese Fridays. I've got a name no one ever pronounces correctly, but no one ever forgets it either (pronounced Bah-shich)! 

Most days you'll find me up to my elbows in paint and loving on my little pug dog, Zander, and my better half, Mr. B. I'm a visual story-teller, amateur photographer, and obsessive organizer whose got a big thing for rocks and crystals (I'm addicted to amethysts). I'm ready to break out into a yoga pose at any moment, am in love with essential oils, and have been told numerous times that I'm a total hippie goth punk.









My art style is pop surrealism. I create a strange and curious world of whimsical dream-like characters that seem to have jumped straight out of a fairytale, each with a story of their own. Each piece celebrates oddities and differences with the emotions of each character's story most heavily expressed in the eyes. Moody atmospheres and contrasting themes such as the sweet and strange are strongly present. My work is heavily influenced by fairytales and nursery rhymes as well as creepy carnivals, the vintage and the antique, and donuts with sprinkles. My pieces are heavily layered in an alchemy of beautiful papers, paints, color pencils, pastels, and clay. These layers create highly textured and detailed pieces that create a unique depth and appearance. 




I'm passionate about art and helping others, so as much as I love creating as a career, I wouldn' t be completely fulfilled if I wasn't helping others to do the same! I devote a portion of my blog to other creatives where I write about the business side of art. I host the Facebook community, Marketing Your Creative Business, where I share business skills from myself and other educators to help creatives thrive. I also hosted artLENS, a local educational and networking social for Orlando area creatives, for 4 years before realizing that I wanted to offer online business courses so that I could help as many artists as possible (psst - courses are in the works! More info HERE.) 

Ready to see more of my art? I'd love to invite you further into my world where you'll find my unique creations you can adopt as your very own.

xoxo - B





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