"Since your workshop, I've already seen an increase in my Instagram followers and interaction. I've implimented so many of the tips and tricks and I'm seeing results. Just this last week alone I've gained 80 new people. In the past, I was lucky to get 1 or 2. Thanks!"

- Kelly 


Three days into using your #hashtag strategy, I have gone from7 likes per post to 43 and still climbing!

- Eliza Fayle


If you're a brilliant artist wanting to be a brilliant business, this is for YOU.


My Story

In 2013, I made creating art an official business after realizing that I was unhappy in my career path and wanted the freedom of working for myself as an artist. I had the dream of a life of creating and making a living from it; but, something was missing. I realized I didn't have the business skills to live out my dream. When I began selling my work, I felt desperate to find any help to make my business a success. There was plenty of education to help me excel at my craft, but little on how to excel as a business. So, I decided I would create what was sorely lacking and share what I learned along the way.


I created, "Marketing Your Creative Business," a Facebook community for artists, sharing business information from myself and other educators to help creatives bridge the gap between being an artist and being a business. 


In 2014, I began artLENS, a local business education and networking social for creatives in Orlando, FL. During these events, multiple educators in the creative industry, including myself, donated time and expertise through workshops, mentoring and educating other artists wanting to live their dreams. This local event continued for 4 years until I realized I could help even more people by providing education online. 

I had been dedicating a portion of my blog to creative business education and very quickly found I had an audience. People NEEDED help. People just like me. That's when I decided I wanted to provide online courses.

I am currently laying the ground work to begin creating these courses; courses that don't just give good advice, but courses that give artists an actual PLAN that creates RESULTS.

It will take some time for me to bring all of this to fruition, but as I work towards this dream of mine, to not only create, but to help others like you, please feel free to follow my blog and join my newsletter community where you will find regular posts that will help you to be not only a brilliant artist, but a brilliant business too! 







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