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Becca Basic is an internationally collected artist, photographer, and creative business educator in Orlando, FL.

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Decorate Your Home With Fine Art Prints

We all love to decorate our homes with items that express our personal style. It’s even more special when we can acquire a unique one-of-a-kind piece of original art that speaks to our hearts. But, what if that’s not in our budget? Or, what if an original just isn’t the right size to fit the space we have in mind? What are ways we can create an art-filled environment that expresses our individual selves but can address these issues?

An excellent choice is to decorate with high-quality fine art prints. We’ll talk about the different options and why fine art prints are an excellent choice to bring quality and unique customizable decor into your home!


Yes, prints are available on paper! But, it’s not the kind of paper you’re thinking. Quality paper prints are created to last a lifetime, with specific paper types such as matte, cotton rag, luster, metallic, and fiber - just to name some available options.

Paper prints are most often the most affordable way to decorate your home and are perfect for those on a budget. They are typically inexpensive to ship and are a fantastic option to give as a gift, to place in a favorite frame, or to collect to create an impressive gallery wall of your favorite artists! Add a mat to your framed print for an impressive presentation!


Woodblock prints are mounted fine art prints onto woodblocks that give a finished look to a print without the need of a frame. They can be found from the size of a baseball card to a larger piece that mimics the look of an original. These varying size options give flexibility of choice from smaller decor that can be an accent on a desk or shelf to a larger eye catching piece placed as focal point on a wall.


Canvas prints are a fantastic eye-catching option for home decor. They are durable and can be framed, mounted, or stretched. This is a good choice for many collectors, as shipping costs when unframed or unstretched are rather inexpensive, especially when being shipped internationally.

Stretched canvas prints are an excellent way to display art that looks as if it were an original right in your home! There’s no need for a frame, as the canvas print is stretched over a wooden frame, carrying the image over the sides for a continuous, finished look. These, like all other prints, are available in varying sizes, and are just perfect to get the look of an original in the size that fits your space best


So, why are fine art prints a fantastic choice for decorating your home?

1. They are an affordable way to expresses your personal style and aesthetic and bring happiness to your home. Originals cost many times more than prints!

2. Fine are prints are the most customizable way to bring art into your home. Need a certain size? Prints typically come is varying sizes and most artists are happy to accommodate your needs by request. Don’t see the size you’re looking for? Just ask!

3. They are created to last a lifetime! Fine art prints are created on special papers with inks of specific quality meant to last for years to come and do not fade when displayed appropriately (tip: as with all artwork, never display in direct light so that you may enjoy your art for a lifetime).

4. Offered at an affordable price, fine art prints are not a huge commitment. Need a change a few years down the road? No problem!

5. You can decorate with prints that look almost as good as an original and create a polished look in your home.