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Becca Basic is an internationally collected artist, photographer, and creative business educator in Orlando, FL.

©2020 Becca Basic, LLC

Instagram Glitches and What to Do About It


Maybe you heard about the Instagram glitch that caused a big change in the number of followers many had and you saw a lot of people posting about it in a panic. The reaction really shows the weight people allow social media to have in their lives and in their business.

How would you market yourself if your followers disappeared overnight? How would it affect your business?

Social media is rented space. We don’t own the platform and we don’t own our followers. WE DON’T HAVE CONTROL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA.

What you DO have control over is:

1️⃣The weight you allow likes and follows to have in your life and in your business.

2️⃣The experience you create for your followers that grow into relationships.

3️⃣Encouraging those relationships OFF the platform in the form of an email list.

Changes in social media don’t matter as much when you have the email addresses of your followers! I really encourage you to learn more about this and go to the link below to read my blog post, “3 Reasons You Need an Email List,” and learn why email lists matter so much more than social media.

©Becca Basic, LLC

Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping brilliant artists become brilliant businesses too!

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