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Becca Basic is an internationally collected artist, photographer, and creative business educator in Orlando, FL.

©2020 Becca Basic, LLC

You Have Permission to Take Time Off in Your Art Business

Carvers Gap, Appalachian Trail, NC/TN

I’m not gonna lie. This year was hard. This is the time of year where I sit down and plan out what I want to accomplish for the upcoming year and look over what did and didn’t get done in the current one.

I put systems in place that allowed me to accomplish more than ever before, but I forgot one thing. I DIDN’T PLAN FOR TIME OFF. What really scared me about that is I started adding social media management clients this year which meant I was busier than ever before. I think the word “overwhelmed” is an understatement and any time I suffer from it (which is often), it seriously affects my ability to create art. And this is what my business was founded on - my passion for creating art, right!?!

I can’t tell you how exhausting it has been to work most weekends just to get ahead and working extra crazy hours so I could take just a few days off to spend with the ones I love. And the thing is, I know a lot of you do that too. In fact, we often pride ourselves on the exhaustion and the hours put in. And I know if we are being truly honest, we aren’t happy living like that.

I reminded myself that this is why I sit down each year at this time and take the opportunity to ask myself if what I’m doing is working or not. I’ll be honest. It’s not.

What’s amazing is that it only took a few hours of serious evaluation of my goals, my schedule, and really scrutinizing time spent to change the course of my ways. I eliminated time and projects that don't serve my business best and found I could get a lot more done in a lot less time. And here’s the best part - I CAN HAVE TIME OFF. Because, let’s face it - how can we be at 100% for our art, our collectors, our family and friends, if we can’t be 100% for ourselves?

Invest time to step back and evaluate what you are doing in your lives and your businesses. Find what projects serve you best and scratch the ones that don't. PLAN TIME OFF. And screw the the concept of feeling guilty about it. Give yourself permission to take time off. You deserve it and your art does too.

©Becca Basic, LLC

Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping other creatives learn the business skills to live their dreams.

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