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Becca Basic is an internationally collected artist, photographer, and creative business educator in Orlando, FL.

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Washi Tape - A Craft Essential

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Washi tape has been around forever and can be used a million ways, but I never really had much interest until I recently found a handful at Michaels that were obviously made just for me! There aren't a lot of stores that sell a dark aesthetic washi (except maybe during Halloween), so I was really excited to pick these up from Michaels in the off season and for only $0.33 each!

If you aren't familiar with washi tape, it's a decorative paper tape that comes in all kinds of amazing patterns, colors, and widths from lettering to stripes, flowers, polka dots, and obviously, skeletons. It's similar to masking tape, so it's easy to move around until you're satisfied with placement.

Some things you can do with washi tape:

Add a decorative seal to envelopes (especially a nice touch for client packages)

Color code your keys

Use in your planner or bullet journal

Decorate your pencil and paint brush holders

Make a geometric design for wall decor

Label your electronic cables

Decorate a bookmark

Cover a boring notebook

Give your paperclips some style

From crafts, mixed media art, to planner tabs, the possibilities are endless! From now now, all I'll be thinking of when I see a boring blank space is how I can make it better with washi tape! Any other suggestions for use of these amazing tapes?

©Becca Basic, LLC

Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping brilliant artists become brilliant businesses too!

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