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Becca Basic is an internationally collected artist, photographer, and creative business educator in Orlando, FL.

©2019 Becca Basic, LLC

This 13-page printable Goal and Productivity Planner contains the actual tools I use on a daily basis in my business. To say these tools changed my life is an understatement. They are not only benefitial, but truly life-changing. This planner will help anyone looking to achieve their goals to be more successful than they have ever been before! 


Studies show that those who set goals, write them down, and regularly review them are the most successful in life and in business, but only 1% of our population fits the bill. This planner includes the method that will make you part of the 1%! 


The included Success Guide and accompanying worksheets will help you:

Discover your core incentive that will encourage you throughout the year.

Branstorm and decide your most important goals.

Break down your chosen goals into viable action steps and time frames.

Create a plan of action to combat possible hurdles in your way.

Plan your goals into feasible quarterly and then monthly tasks on your Goal Calendar.

Evaluate you time management skills and create a plan of action to make time work for YOU.

Create accountability.

Stay on task through regular review.



Contents Include:


Success Guide

Brainstorm Worksheet

Goal Worksheet

3 Goal Breakdown Worksheets

Goal Planning Calendar (Can be printed up to poster size!), 2 versions: black and white

Manage Your Time! (time-management chart), 2 versions: black and white

BONUS: Daily Task List - a "to do" list with the creative entrepreneur in mind to promote productivity through the "top 3" technique. 2 versions: black and white

2019 Printable Goal and Productivity Planner